In recent years, the aesthetics industry has seen a significant rise in men seeking non-surgical fat removal treatments, and CoolSculpting® has proved to be an ideal solution for many male patients. This FDA-cleared procedure uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells without the need for a single incision.

The body contouring experts at Freezeology in Tampa are renowned providers of CoolSculpting® for men and have helped countless male patients achieve a leaner physique with this non-invasive treatment. In this blog, we’ll share some aspects of why CoolSculpting® can be an excellent option for men who want to get rid of unwanted body fat.

Confronting Stigmas about Cosmetic Treatments for Men

For many years, social stigmas about cosmetic treatments stopped male patients from seeking the assistance of qualified professionals to resolve their aesthetic concerns. The stigmas surrounding cosmetic treatments for men often stem from misconceptions that such procedures are invasive, beauty-oriented, and not "masculine."

Fortunately, over the last decade or so, these misconceptions have largely been revealed for what they are. As a result, more and more men are choosing to take advantage of the many advanced aesthetic treatments available, so they can achieve an enhanced look and the boost in confidence that often comes with it.

However, it is still very common for male patients to have reservations about undergoing body contouring treatments because of the long-enduring social stigmas. CoolSculpting® is often appealing to male patients who want to get rid of stubborn body fat discreetly, as it provides gradual improvements over time, rather than a sudden, dramatic transformation.

How CoolSculpting® for Men Works

CoolSculpting® utilizes a technology known as cryolipolysis. This process involves the use of controlled cooling to freeze fat cells without affecting the skin and surrounding tissues. The treated fat cells are irreparably damaged by the cold temperatures, causing them to die off.

Over the weeks following treatment, the body will naturally process and eliminate these dead cells, resulting in a reduction of fat in the treated area. CoolSculpting® is particularly effective on the abdomen, flanks, and chest—areas where men commonly accumulate stubborn fat.

Benefits of CoolSculpting® for Men

  • FDA-approved – CoolSculpting® has been shown to be a safe and effective method for reducing fat in key problem areas for men. 
  • Non-invasive – CoolSculpting® does not require incisions or the use of anesthesia, unlike surgical fat removal procedures, such as liposuction. 
  • No scars – Because no incisions are needed, CoolSculpting® does not leave behind any post-treatment scars.
  • No downtime or recovery – Patients can resume their normal routine immediately after a CoolSculpting® session; there is no need for time off work to rest or recover.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about CoolSculpting® for men and find out if you are a candidate, contact Freezeology today to schedule a consultation. Your consultation is the first step towards understanding how this non-surgical fat removal technique can be tailored to your needs. Our body contouring experts have the knowledge and experience to provide natural-looking results with this innovative fat removal treatment.